Aug 30/31

Statistics Aug 30/31
Distribution of syllabi and StatsPortal information.
Textbook familiarization.
Please read front material “to the student”
Chapter 1: picturing distributions with graphs.
Individuals and variables.
Categorical variables.
Quantitative variables.
Example: pages 4 and 5
Pie charts and bar graphs: examples on pages 8 and 9
Pie charts: needs Excel or other spreadsheet program
Bar graphs: can be done on TI-84.
Histograms (page 11):
purpose: quickly divide quantitative data into equally sized blocks, tally the number of individuals in each blocks, and display as a bar graph.
Horizontal axis: units of measurement
vertical axis: counts of individuals.
Example page 14
Shapes of histograms: page 16: skewed, with an outlier
page 17: mound-shaped (one peak, symmetric)
Two peaks: page 18

Stemplots: segregate data by using the last digit in a separate column:
see page 20.

Timeplots: horizontal axis is time;
vertical axis is some other quantity (such as water depth in the Everglades, page 24).

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